Aman Resorts: What keeps the Amanjunkies coming back?

Aman Resorts have a strong following among wealthy and discerning clientele. Their devotees are so passionate that they know the precise number of the 28 properties they have visited. Fellow aficionados will ask you, “What is your number?” as if it were a secret handshake. They’ll then announce their own number almost as a competitive sport. (My number is two but I hope to increase it.)
Aman guests self-describe themselves as Amanjunkies—so what is it about these properties that has created such a loyal and dedicated following among usually demanding guests? I had to discover for myself. So, I endured the hardship and visited Amanyara, in Turks and Caicos, and Amangani, in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, to investigate what’s so alluring about Aman Resorts. Here, in six points, is what I found: