Hearing Access & Innovations Founder and CEO Janice S. Lintz is sought after for her unique perspective and understanding of the issues facing people who are deaf or hard of hearing. She is also well-versed in all of the latest technologies for improving hearing access and how to implement them.



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Your Three-Step Guide to Changing the World - My interview with Devin D. Thorpe on Three-steps to Changing the World.
Baltimore Sun: Shoppers with hearing loss can choose the “hearing loop” lane at Wegmans - When shoppers check out at Wegmans in Hunt Valley, they can choose self-scan, express or wheelchair-accessible lanes. Recently, they’ve been offered another option. In two designated “looped” aisles, concealed technology can erase background noise and […]

2015 Bar mitzvah project gets synagogue’s hearing-impaired in the loop - Jake Vistoso and his brother, Evan, both wear hearing aids, yet had trouble understanding the rabbi at their synagogue in Newtown. Since Jake had just turned 13, he wanted to tackle that auditory challenge for […]
Cielo24: Hearing Loss, the Forgotten Disability - In a thought provoking article Hearing Loss, the Forgotten Disability, posted in the Huffington Post by author and global hearing loss consultant Janice Lintz, the topic of hearing loss was paid due respect and brought […]
Newsday: NYC’s Disability Pride parade aims to alter attitudes - About 3,000 people helped raise awareness about physical and mental disabilities during New York City’s annual Disability Pride festivities in Manhattan at a rally near Madison Square Park and a parade down Broadway to Union […]
UN: Hearing Access Matters! UNSDN Interview with Janice S. Lintz - Today, an estimated 360 million people – over 5% of the world’s population – have disabling hearing loss (328 million adults and 32 million children). According to WHO, limited access to services and exclusion from […]
AARP: Love Theater But Can’t Hear It? Four Show-stopping Solutions - Do you love the theater but rarely go because you can’t understand the dialogue or lyrics? Fortunately there are several solutions to this problem beyond the familiar infra-red headphones that many theaters offer. And those […]
Delta Sky magazine: Salutes Janice S. Lintz - Janice Lintz, A passionate hearing-loss consultant and advocate and founder/CEO of Hearing Access & Innovations Inc., has worked with domestic and international corporations, organizations and government agencies to implement best practices when it comes to […]
Immersion Travel Magazine: The New York Travel Festival - The countdown to our new favorite travel festival has begun! The New York Travel Festival is set to make a splash on April 18th and 19th and we couldn’t be more excited to see what […]
Hearing News@Hearing Health & Technology Matters!: Drug store chain agrees to improve access for people with hearing loss - NEW YORK—Customers with hearing loss will soon be able to communicate better with pharmacists at the 101 Kinney Drugs stores in New York State. Under an agreement announced March 12 by NYS Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman, […]
NYS Attorney General Schneiderman Secures Agreement With Kinney Drugs Ensuring Accessibility For Deaf And Hard-of-Hearing Customers - NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced an agreement with KPH Healthcare Services, Inc., a company based in New York State that operates the Kinney Drugs chain of pharmacies, requiring KPH Healthcare […]


NBC New York: Taxi of Tomorrow Missing Feature for Hearing-Impaired - The Taxi of Tomorrow has received raves for its numerous features. But advocates for the hearing impaired say the new taxi isn’t as accessible as some may think. Contessa Brewer has more.!/on-air/as-seen-on/Taxi-of-Tomorrow-Missing-Feature-for-Hearing-Impaired/277955901
Hearing Health Matters: Nation’s highest court gets “looped,” joining many other prominent institutions - WASHINGTON, DC—Following ancient custom, the United States Supreme Court will begin its next term on the first Monday in October. However, when the nine justices hear their first case on October 6, there will be […]
AV: Creativity is the Soul of Innovation - Pioneering is an attitude often associated with America. Since opening in 1929, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has continuously surprised the public and the museum community with its innovations in terms of exhibitions and […]
Hearing Health: Keeping You in the Loop - If you use a hearing aid, chances are you sometimes have problems hearing a speaker or other sound signal when in a noisy room, when auditoriums or TV loudspeakers are far away, or when the […]


IFHOH: Loops in the U.S.A. - Janice Schacter Lintz is a passionate and accomplished hearing loss advocate based in New York. A culture lover, Janice felt her heart sink whenever her daughter Arielle – diagnosed with hearing loss at 2 1⁄2 […]
Travability: Taxi of Tomorrow with Accessibility Options - Making its debut at this years New York Motor Show was the wheelchair accessible version of the Nissan NV200 Taxi, which will become available as part of Nissan’s NV200 “Taxi of Tomorrow” program that rolls […]


Grand Piano Passion: You Don’t Look Like You Have a Hearing Loss - Janice Schacter Lintz, the Ralph Nader of the hearing world, has been on a mission over the past decade to install hearing loops in public places for people of all ages who suffer from hearing […]
Omaha World: Hearing impaired in the loop at downtown ballpark - Say again? Listeners heard right. At the ticket office and in certain seating sections, the 1-year-old ballpark features what’s called an induction-loop hearing system. Members of the local hearing-impaired community are cheering, even though the […]
The Washington Post: How hearing loops can help - New technology has dramatically improved the quality of hearing aids in the past decade, but some say an old technology could have the most profound impact in the decade to come on millions of people […]


Voice of America: Hearing Aid Common in Europe Turns Up Volume in US - More than 10 percent of Americans have some form of hearing loss. Even with a hearing aid, deciphering sounds in places like airports, theaters and places of worship can be tough. However, a not-so-new technology, […]
NY 1: New MTA Project Makes Subway Navigation Easier For Hard Of Hearing - New York City is very noisy, making it difficult for those with hearing problems to get around. But there is a high-tech solution being tested in the subway system that could be a major game […]
NPR: With The Flick Of A Switch, It’s Crystal Clear To Hear - For the more than 10 percent of Americans who have some form of hearing loss, mass transit can be frustrating, especially on a busy travel weekend like this one. Even if you wear a hearing […]
Hearing Health Matters: New York Times article spreads the word on the wonders of hearing loops - For a decade or so, a growing band of advocates has been moving, slowly but steadily, toward its goal of “looping America.” Their vision is to have induction loops installed in public venues all over […]
The New York Times: A Hearing Aid That Cuts Out All the Clatter - After he lost much of his hearing last year at age 57, the composer Richard Einhorn despaired of ever really enjoying a concert or musical again. Even using special headsets supplied by the Metropolitan Opera […]
The Archival Platform: Hearing access: how do deaf or hard of hearing visitors experience South African Museums? - Janice Schacter Lintz, a hearing loss advocate from the USA visited several South African museums recently and was appalled to find that all were not accessible to people with hearing loss. Commenting on her visits […]


Redbook: How To Fight For The Cause You Believe In - Janice was furious when listening equipment at public places didn’t work as it was supposed to. At plays, for example, the equipment only pumped in instruments or vocals, not both, and video exhibits at museums […]
Hearing Journal: Magazine Hails Advocate - Janice Schacter, who has turned her skills as a lawyer to advocating for people with hearing loss, is honored as a “Redbook hero” in the September issue of that magazine. Schacter, a New Yorker, took […]
AARP Bulletin: Hearing Aids Get in The Loop - Background noise in public venues often makes hearing aids useless, but an increasingly available technology known as a “hearing loop” can change that….
AARP: Hearing Aids in the Loop - A thin strand of copper wire installed around the edge of a room has transformed the lives of millions of Americans who wear hearing aids. Called a hearing loop, it can bring crystal clear hearing […]
The Hearing Review: Progress Toward the Looping of America - The time has come for universal induction-loop access in America For Americans with hearing loss, the inclusion of telecoils in all hearing aids and the looping of America would double hearing aid functionality, increase hearing […]


The Hearing Journal: New York Taxi Fleet To Be Looped - In January, following a successful 18-month pilot program, New York’s taxi fleet will be authorized by the city to have induction loops installed. Loop systems, which transmit sound directly to telecoil-equipped hearing aids and to […]
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Loopy Hearing Aid Idea Brings In Speech Loud and Clear - Whereas standard behind- and in-the-ear hearing aids work well in relatively quiet, more intimate settings, these devices often lose their effectiveness in larger, public spaces where background noise puts the hard of hearing at a […] Janice Schacter: Advocate for the hard of hearing. - Janice Schacter is a one woman power house. A fervent advocate for the hard of hearing, her goal is to make every museum, theater, stadium, subway information booth and even taxi in New York City […]
New Jersey’s Department of Human Services’ Monthly Communicator, Taxi and Limousine Commission Approves Induction Loop Technology for voluntary Installation Across All TLC-Related Industries - The Hearing Access Program announced that the Taxi & Limousine Commission has approved the induction loop technology for voluntary installation across all TLC-related industries. The announcement followed a 13-month pilot program of 15 taxis using […]
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: A Loopy Idea That Works: Using Telecoils to Turn Hearing Aids into Mini Loudspeakers - Standard hearing aids capture sound via a microphone and then send an amplified version to an earpiece. They work well in relatively quiet, intimate settings, but in public spaces filled with background noise, most users […]
Newsday: SPORTS WATCH: So far, SNY closed to captioning - Carl DeStefanis is deaf, and thus doesn’t bother with TV hows that do not offer closed captions. One exception: Mets games on SNY, which he called “a continuous reminder of my disability.”


The Hearing Journal: Making The Most Of Telecoils - SCHACTER: Our goal is to assist entertainment venues—museums, theaters, amusement parks, cruise ships, etc.—in becoming accessible for the entire hearing loss population. MYERS: Can you give us some examples? SCHACTER: It’s a growing list: the […]
Cardozo Life: With J.D.s in Hand Alumni Pursue Something Different - People drawn to work in nonprofits often develop a passion for an area of public interest they had not considered previously or that they are drawn to serendipitously. That animating spirit often yields careers devoted […]
hørelsen: De hørehæmmedes advokat i USA - In Danish hørelsen-June2008


NY1’s Inside City Hall, December 19, 2007


League For The Hard of Hearing: Guide to Accessibility Symbols - More and more museums, concert halls, movie theaters and other cultural institutions offer special services for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. These institutions usually advertise their offerings by including an accessibility symbol. […]


The New York Times: Driven to Help the Hard of Hearing - Janice Schacter knows she can be a pain in the neck, and she doesn’t care. “People may perceive of me as a pushy mom, and I am,” she said. “But you do what you have […]
TEMPLE EMANU-EL Bulletin: AROUND THE TEMPLE - Temple member Janice Schacter has a special understanding of the frustration faced by thousands of New Yorkers suffering from deafness and hearing loss. When Mrs. Schacter’s 10-year-old daughter, Arielle, was diagnosed with moderate-to-severe hearing loss […]