Huff Post: It Is Time To Stop Shaming People With Hearing Loss

It is time to stop humiliating people with hearing loss. Radar Online’s recent headline said, “Photo Shocker: Caitlyn Jenner Caught Wearing Hearing Aid.” The photo showed a close up of Caitlyn’s ear with a hearing aid mold located in the middle as if we were viewing a crime scene. Did Caitlyn Jenner shoplift? Did she brutalize someone in a smack down? No, her offense was that she simply wore a hearing aid.

The UK’s Daily Mail’s headline exclaimed, “She’s listening! Caitlyn Jenner, 66, wears hearing aid while showcasing fit figure in skinny jeans while out and about in Malibu.” This headline implies that a person with hearing loss must be old, yet here is Jenner in “skinny jeans,” which are apparently not intended for someone who is about 66 years old.