Huff Post: A Tale of Two Ice Creams

The ice cream shop Coppelia is practically a landmark in Cuba. Owned by the Cuban government, the Havana-based parlor has sold the dessert since the 1960s. It is now an iconic place for both Cubans and visitors.

On my recent trip to Cuba, my tour group was scheduled to try Coppelia’s ice cream. At last minute, though, we were informed that this stop was going to be skipped. Why? Our escort advised us the line at this place was simply too long However, as an American long-stricken with an incredible case of ‘FOMO,’ I felt compelled to visit for ‘Fear of Missing Out’ on visiting this widely known ice cream parlor. As I exited the taxi, I quickly noticed the long line. It seemed to me that people had been waiting their turn for at least an hour to get their scoop of ice cream.

Republished by, April 19, 2016

A Tale of Two Ice Creams, in Havana Cuba