6 Things You Need To Do Now To Optimize Your 2016 Travel

1. Review your points portfolio.

Just like year end tax planning, it is important to assess your credit card, airline or hotel promotions. Check to see if there are any remaining credit card incidental travel fee credits or offers that should be consumed before year end. Decide whether there are any travel points you wish to donate to charities.

Verify the card’s sign-up date and when minimum purchases need to be completed to avoid missing the sign-up bonus and incurring costly renewal fees.

Ascertain expiration dates on points and free travel certificates. Companies like AwardWallet help to track most loyalty programs. This is an opportune time to organize all your affiliations.

If your points are expiring, a quick purchase through a shopping portal or with an airline/hotel’s credit card will extend the point’s shelf life. Consuming a drink or a meal at certain hotels can also be a quick fix for expiring points.