Huff Post Travel: How to Avoid Ending up in a Tree in the Amazon


“Climb or potentially die,” my guide told me. The wild boars just let out a charging call. They thought we were going to attack their babies. Terrified, I looked at the tree that my junior guide insisted I scramble up. As a 51-year-old, New Yorker, I had no clue how to climb a tree. Central Park doesn’t prepare someone for this type of adventure.

But, it is amazing what one can accomplish when faced with possible imminent death. The boars, luckily, turned the other direction–we left with no injuries. My situation could have been worst.

As I sat about 7 branches high in the tree, I wondered, how I ended up in this situation? There will always be potential problems, especially when traveling to far flung destinations. But, I missed red flags indicating that my tour company was not reliable and precarious with my safety. The following are the questions I should have asked.