NJ Department of Human Services: Monthly Communicator: How to use an Assistive Listening System at the Theater if you are Hard of Hearing?

The theater is a rich and enjoyable ex- perience, yet it can be a frustrating and stress-producing nightmare if you can- not understand what is happening. Who wants to attend an entertaining event if you may not be able to enjoy the show? The solution is understanding your hearing loss needs and proper preparation.

Can you use an assistive listening system?
If you have some residual hearing, you may be able to use an assistive listening system (ALS) Three systems are cur- rently available: radio frequency (FM), infrared light (IR) and Induction loop. The signal arrives through a receiver, which may be either an Assistive Lis- tening Device (ALD) or a telecoil (also called a T-coil.) in a hearing aid or cochlear implant. ALDs enable theater- goers to receive the sound directly from the sound source to their ear, which eliminates the negative effects of dis- tance, noise and reverberation on sound clarity. Volume can also be increased.

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