NJ Department of Human Services; Monthly Communicator: How to Manage Communication with a Hearing Loss During Your Hospital Stay

Being a patient with a hearing loss does not have to be frightening but preparation is needed. It is important to con- tact the hospital as far in advance as possible to discuss and request aids or services that may be needed. Hospitals should have a designated person/office to whom such requests should be made and to whom patients can contact

in the event the hospital fails to provide the requested accommodations, if those provided are not effective or if others are needed. The Center for Healthcare Access at The League for the Hard of Hearing is a resource for consumers to call with complaints if they do not receive the access that they need. The numbers are 917-305-7809 Voice or 917-305-7999 TTY.

The following are questions to ask your doctor and hospital prior to your stay:

For People Who Use Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants:

Click to access MCMar09.pdf

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