10 Amazing Havana Experiences

Cuba harkens to another era when people weren’t tethered to their electronics. Musical jam sessions and people dancing in the middle of the street materialize for old-fashioned entertainment. People linger with their neighbors outdoors where the air is cooler since air conditioners aren’t common.

Change appears to be on the horizon. Wi-fi ‘hot spots’ are obvious because suddenly clusters of people are huddled together and are staring at their screens. But Cuba’s welcoming atmosphere remains and is very apparent wherever you visit.

Cuba’s travel restrictions have loosened. There are still only 12 permissible reasons for Americans to visit Cuba. Being part of a tour group is no longer required. Eight airlines were recently authorized to fly directly from the US to Havana beginning Fall 2016. Visitors are already starting to book flights on some airlines. Cuba’s residents are anxiously awaiting the surge of visitors and the influx of American dollars.

My 10 recommended experiences in Havana are:

1-Be Amazed At Fusterlandia