Huff Post Travel: Climb or Die

As I sat in a tree in the Amazon, I wondered whether I would live or die. My life rested in the hands of two guides that I barely knew, and who were only about 27 years old. I only met my “official guide”, Jose, four days prior but the other guide had just paddled us in a canoe from the riverboat to the jungle. He hadn’t even introduced himself. Now my life was dependent on both of them.

We started our adventure following what we thought were two wild boars through the dense vegetation of the Amazon jungle. We were following closely and hoping they had tusks which would make a more interesting photograph. But suddenly, we heard a loud noise. The guide who paddled up the canoe darted up the tree. He raced down as fast as he scurried up. The two guides communicated in a language that was unfamiliar but it didn’t matter. The sheer look of panic on his face communicated to me that this was not an ordinary problem.