NJ Department of Human Services: Monthly Communicator: What is a T-Coil and How Do You Use It?

What is a T-coil?

A T-coil (also known as the telecoil, telephone or audio coil) is a of copper wire that allows people to receive sound directly from a microphone when they switch their hearing aid or cochlear implant (CI) to the “T” setting.

How do you know if you have a T-coil?

Many hearing aids/CIs implants now have a T-coil. It is best to check with your hearing aid provider to confirm that your hearing device has a T-coil and that it has been activated.

Some hearing aids have automatic T-coils that are meant to auto activate with use on the telephone. This type of auto-coil does not work in a hearing loop. Make sure that you have a T-coil that can be manually turned on as needed.