NY 1: New MTA Project Makes Subway Navigation Easier For Hard Of Hearing

New York City is very noisy, making it difficult for those with hearing problems to get around. But there is a high-tech solution being tested in the subway system that could be a major game changer for those with hearing aids. NY1’s Health reporter Kafi Drexel filed the following report.

Directions from a station agent used to be nearly impossible to understand for 17-year-old Arielle Schacter, who has severe hearing loss.

“It would be like I knew sound was happening but it’s like a silent movie where everything’s going on and you don’t understand it, except when someone gives you a little bit of a hint,” Arielle says.

That silent world is now becoming audible, with the introduction of a device called the “hearing loop” into more public spaces throughout the city.

In large part due to the work of Arielle’s mother, Janice Shachter Lintz, who runs the advocacy group Hearing Access Program, it is in more than 400 subway booths around the city.