Hearing Journal: Magazine Hails Advocate

Janice Schacter, who has turned her skills as a lawyer to advocating for people with hearing loss, is honored as a “Redbook hero” in the September issue of that magazine. Schacter, a New Yorker, took up the cause after seeing how many activities and facilities were not accessible to her daughter, Arielle, who was diagnosed with hearing loss at age 2–1/2. Taking matters into her own hands, she gave up her legal practice to found and lead the Hearing Access Program.The program has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments in its first 8 years. Thanks largely to its efforts, New York taxis and subway information booths are now equipped with induction loops so people whose hearing aids have telecoils can communicate with the driver or booth attendant. Dozens of other locations have also been looped, including museums and Yankee Stadium. But Schacter’s vision extends far beyond New York. Her organization has lobbied successfully for improved access for the hearing-impaired at locations around the country, including national parks, the Pentagon, and Target Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings.In the Redbook article, Nicole Yorio points to Janice Schacter as an inspiration, exhorting readers, “Never feel powerless! Just one woman can get the government, corporations—anyone to help right a wrong. This get-it-done mom shows you the way.”


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